Russian Junior Figure Skating Championships Jan 31 – Feb 4: Science fiction on ice:

We are so excited: The battle of Alena Kostornaia, Aleksandra Trusova and Anna Shcherbakova is going into the next round: The winner will be? is Quad Princess  Aleksandra Trusova; second place: Alena Kostornaia; third place: Anna Shcherbakova:

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The Russian Junior Figure Skating Championships (Первенство России среди юниоров) is the junior event in which medals are awarded in the disciplines of men’s singles, ladies’ singles, pair skating, and ice dancing. The results of the Junior Championships are part of the selection criteria for the 2019 World Junior Championships. *source golden skate:




More informations on Figure skating Russia: events/news/results:  Please wait:

SP: results/detailed scores/judges:

FS: results/deatailed scores/judges:




Figure skaters are not robots; mistakes & falls happen:

Dear Aleksandra “Sasha” Trusova keep on fighting tomorrow FS: I believe in you forever: Good luck and best wishes:

The results and videos will be added as soon as possible:



*source of picture: Thank you so much to #TeamKostornaya on twitter:

Transmission links/livestreams: (legal; without problems)

Impressions from training scene: Our angel Alena and the Quad princess “Sasha”:

Victory ceremony RN2019: The winner was: Anna Shcherbakova: Dec 2018:

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Good luck and best wishes to all competitors in Perm:

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Part II: will be probably published on next Tuesday: What a great talent: Daniil Samsonov:

SP: results/detailed scores/judges:

FS: results/detailed scores/judges:

So long Bernhard from Germany: Have a nice day: “Bobbo”. CIAO.



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