We are the champions at RN2019: part II men: Comeback to success: Maxim Kovtun Максим Ковтун

Comeback to success: After a long journey of injuries, disasters on ice; despair & doubts about his future; he is back: Maxim Kovtun won fourth national title at Saransk: He is a real fighter:

818efb94814e101484876e6e62c2a9b0 (1)-20180801-76

Maxim Kovtun on wikiwand:

And what a great fight of the visibly ill Mikhail Kolyada on ice: Respect; well done:

Alexander Samarin mastered the most difficult technical element in the modern figure skating scene; the Quad Lutz, clear edge and fully rotated without doubt:



So long Bernhard from Germany: Have a nice day. “Bobbo”. CIAO.

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