Evgenia Medvedeva quo vadis? GPFigure Grenoble Disaster: Comeback to success …. Yes you can do it #ЕвгенияМедведева

Quo vadis Evgenia Medvedeva: Comeback to success? Comment against the mainstream on social media platforms; especially on facebook: Disaster at GPFigure Grenoble 2018:

As a big fan of all hard working figure skaters; as a big FAN of our angel Evgenia Medvedeva: I can not stay silent anymore: Her last performance (FS) was a nerve-racking, shocking presentation; it was ……… not really good …….Sorry.


On the one side believe in, support on our angel Evgenia Medvedeva is to go without saying;
but on the other side a ruthless analysis is inevitable; absolutely necessary as soon as possible
in order to recognize and overcome the obvious problems concerning spins; jumps and presentation on the ice: to improve and to balance mind; nerve strength and body lines into a new equilibrium: and if it is the best solution a breakout; calm; timeout and relaxation should be considered:
If you will find solutions for consisting problems, at first you have to accept the unvarnished truth (reality), not to look on a lot of excuses and monotone rallying good luck and best wishes; “stay strong; we believe in you” and so on: Such a yesterday’s performance should not be considered as as a one-time slip-up (unhappy, weak day), it should be regarded as a chance; as a wake-up cry of a stressed, (immense public pressure) overloaded person(sportsmen) for help: Of course nobody wishes to read such a comment, no real FAN of a star, international queen of the figure skating scene will see the hidden conflicts and difficulties:
Only success, glamour and never-ending smile and so cute behavior; selfies, charming social media activities are welcome in the bright shining area of our angles; queens and starlets; shooting stars on ice: “The winner takes it all; the loser standing small ..Nobody, moderator or administrator of a public or closed group on facebook will allow to publish and print such a statement … The show must go on. “Stay strong, keep on fighting; we believe in you, you are forever in our hearts” … And what is about Gracie Gold ….Sorry: Of course good luck and best wishes for recovery:

Brian Orser ” Yes, now  i am very disappionted. But i promise; i will never lose my faith in her: The time will come, when she will shine again.”


Statement from Evgenia Medvedeva:

Evgenia Medvedeva: I didn’t expect so much negativity and so much hate

Good luck and best wishes for our angel Evgenia Medvedeva:
So long Bernhard from Germany: Have a nice day: “Bobbo”. CIAO.

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