Science fiction on ice: First Quad Lutz by a female figure skater in international competition: Quad Princess Alexandra Trusova

Science fiction on ice: The battle of #AnnaShcherbakova and #AlexandraTrusova for the first #4Lz  #QuadLutz in international competition:

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The winner is #АЛЕКСАНДРАТРУСОВА ; but #АННАЩЕРБАКОВА has landed the first Quad Lutz in national competition one week before; also making history:  #figureskating #EteriTutberidze #teamRussia #tutberidze_girls #QuadPrincess

ISU-official announcement: “Russia’s Alexandra Trusova became the first female skater to land a quadruple Lutz in international competition. The quad Lutz, performed in her Free Skating to “The Fifth Element”, was somewhat shaky, but fully rotated.”

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Latest news: 4 Lz/3Lo

So long Bernhhard from Germany: Have a nice day: “Bobbo”. CIAO.

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