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Good luck and best wishes to all competitors:

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III этап серии юниорского Гран-при ISU JGP Kaunas 2018 ⠀ Дата проведения: 5-8 сентября 2018 Место проведения: Каунас, Литва ⠀ 6 сентября, четверг 18:00 – 22:30 – Девушки, КП ⠀(МСК) 7 сентября, пятница 17:30 – 22:30 – Девушки, ПП (МСК) Церемония награждения девушек Ph: группа Этери Тутберидзе ВК ⠀⠀ Stage III of a series of Junior Grand Prix ISU JGP Kaunas 2018 ⠀ Date: 5-8 September 2018 Location: Kaunas, Lithuania ⠀ Thursday, 6th September 18:00-22:30-Girls, SP (MSK) Friday, September 7 17: 30-22: 30 – Girls, FS (MSK) Award ceremony for girls Ph: Eteri Tutberidze VK group #alenakostornaya#kostornaya##косторная#аленакосторная#югп#юниоры#гранпри#jgp#junior#juniorgrandprix#grandprix#figureskating#JGPFigure#россия#спорт#2018#russia#sport#trusova#alexandratrusova#трусова#александратрусова#1сентября#самбо70#литва#kaunas

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Event/overview: details/results: ISU JGP Amber Cup 2018:

Special: QUAD PRINCESS Alexandra Trusova (RUS); reigning Junior World Champion:


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Alexandra Trusova on wikiwand:

“Trusova became the first female skater to land the quad toe loop, the second to land the quad Salchow behind Miki Ando, and the first to land two ratified quads in a free skate.[2] She landed the quadruple jump for the first time in 16 years since Miki Ando in 2002.”

Alexandra Trusova FS 2018 (4S and 4T) – History Maker/figure skating love:

From USA our friend: “performlive“: “Alexandra Trusova, Russia, made history by landing two different quad jumps during the 2018 Junior Figure Skating World Championships.”

First clean; fully rotated Quad Lutz in ISU-competition by a female skater; probably by Anna Shcherbakova or Alexandra Trusova; both landed 4 Lz in practice or test skate:

News; results and videos will be added; as soon as possible:

So long Bernhard from Germany: Have a nice day: “Bobbo”. CIAO.

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