#JPGFigure Linz/AUT 29.08. -01.09.2018: Follow the stars of tomorrow: ISU-Credo: #AlenaKostornaia #АлёнаСергеевна

Good luck and best wishes to all competitors:  The winner is Alena Kostornaia:

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Review: Last week in Bratislava:

Newcomers step up as ISU Junior Grand Prix kicks off

Review: Last week in Bratislava:

Preview next events:

Results: detailed scores JGP Cup of Austria:

ISU Junior Grand Prix: Livestream:

Special: Alena Kostornaya:


818efb94814e101484876e6e62c2a9b0 (1)-20180801-9

*source of collage: inpired by  “egor_4505” on instagram:

Alena Kostornaia on wikiwand:

Alena Kostornaya, 3 Axel (slow motion) / Алена Косторная, 3А в замедленном воспроизведении :



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So long Bernhard from Germany. Have a nice day: “Bobbo”. CIAO.

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