when dreams will become true: divine #yuzuruhanyu #羽生 結弦 #羽生結弦 project quadruple Axel #quadaxel 2018/19-2022: Planet Yuzuru Hanyu & Fanart

こんにちは、羽生ゆずるさんの日本のお友達:ありがとうございます: *googleTranslator: Because of such beautiful and lovely responses from japanese twitter followers; concerning icon Yuzuru Hanyu on my posts; I decided to publish my contribute on my website:




Yuzuru Hanyu is openly dreaming of quadruple Axel: the divine figure skater; national hero in Japan and all over the world’s figure skating community will reach this season 2018/2019 first attemps and later real achievements of the magic Quadaxel; never been seen in ISU-competitions. This ambitious project; supported by Team Brian Orser surroundings:

to recommend: this instagram_account is so beautiful, amazing drawings; such remarkable, realistic and awesome FANART:

But attention please other figure skaters are working on the same such big deal; turning them suddenly in true legends forever: Max Aaron, retired national champion (USA) has done the best attemps in training scene:; followed by Artur Dmitriev. Jr. (Russia)

Project 4 A: Latest News: Season 2018/19: First 4 A in training well done by Keegan Messing (CAN):

Artur Dmitriev Jr. (Russia) 2018 springtime:

Артур Дмитриев 4 аксель Artur Dmitriev 4 Axel jump:

short history of Axel: 


Kurz als Einschub aus der Sprungentwicklung im Eiskunstlaufen: 1948 bei den Olympischen Spielen in St. Moritz sprang der große Richard Button (USA) den ersten Doppelaxel; die große Midori Ito sprang mit über 40 Jahren noch immer einen blitzsauberen Doppelaxel bei den adult figure sakting competition in Oberstdorf 2013:

first 2A: 1948 Richard Button (USA) Olympics St. Moritz

first 3A: 1978 Vern Taylor (CAN): World Championships in ISU-Competition:

AND thanks to “floskate” on youtube; “a short newsreel in which 1960 Olympic Gold Medallist performs a huuuuge triple axel. This was 21 years before the jump was finally landed in competition.” First triple axel in public performance 1957!

And i am absolutely sure; divine Yuzuru Hanyu will be the first figure skater in history; who can really achieve a completely full rotated and cleanly landed Quadruple Axel:

Preview next time History of jumps: First Triple Axel Midori Ito; and queens of 3 A; full list of 12 female figure skaters; well done executed 3A in ISU_competitions from 1989 until May 2018: 6 Japanese Ladies; 3 American Ladies ; 2 Russian Ladies and one surprise:

Mao Asada triple axel 2

hqdefault (4)

Latest NEWS:

So long Bernhard from Germany. Have a nice day: “Bobbo”: CIAO

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