The lost champion: on ice: #OndrejNepela #JohnCurry #TollerCranston #magicartist moments on ice #goldenseventies 1970’s

The lost champion(s) of the golden age of figure skating; 1970’s: Ondrej Nepela, John Curry and Toller Cranston; heroes, creating magic moments on ice, immortal forever:

*picture from:

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PRG-Art-on-Ice-2017_DSC9407_2500x850px (2)-1_2

*pictures from youtube; common wikiwand; thanks to: Ryan Stevens and …:

*detailled sources of pictures  in the order of appearance:


Thanks to “floskate” on youtube:

Ondrej Nepela – The Lost Champion

Thanks to Heinrich Hipca:

Ondrej Nepela; The boy from Bratislava: (biography)


John Curry: Magic performance 1976 Olympics Innsbruck

Thanks to “richq 10” on youtube:

Thanks to “k9henrydog” on youtube:

John Curry on wikiwand: (biography)


Toller Cranston: Revolution on ice 1974 Munich Worlds:

Thanks to “skateindreams” on youtube:

Thanks so much to “Floskate” on youtube:

Toller Cranston: Memorial Foundation:

Toller Cranston: Biography from Andrej Koymasky:


Preview next time; surprise: probably the golden age of American female figure skaters 1980’s:

So long Bernhard from Germany: “Bobbo”. CIAO.

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The World Figure Skating Hall of Fame: New Members:

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EISKUNSTLAUFEN: legends_stars_blog

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