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Привет, дорогая Алина Загитова: Поздравляем с днем ​​рождения: от фигурного катания фанаты из Германии

picture from Sputnik International


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Happy happy 16th birthday Alina Zagitova! To the 2x Junior Grand Prix winner, Junior Grand Prix Final champion, Russian junior champion, EYOF champion, World junior champion, 3x Grand Prix winner, Grand Prix Final champion, Russian national champion, European champion, Olympic champion, and champion of everyone’s hearts! 🥇🏆 not only are you an insanely talented figure skater, but a very kind, humble, caring and sweet person 🙏🏼 I hope that your sixteenth year of life is amazing, full of happiness, health and victory ❤️ you deserve all the best! Have a relaxing and fun day celebrating in Dominica with your family! 🏝☀️ to the figure skater who first inspired my love for this sport – cheering for you forever 🇷🇺❤️💗💕⛸🎉 • • • #figureskating #figureskaters #figureskatingworld #figure #skating #iceskating #iceskaters #iceskate #ice #skate #skaters #sports #фигурноекатание #skatingonice #skateronice #skatingprotocol #isu #isufigureskating #jump #spin #alinazagitova #алиназагитова #russia #teamrussia #champion #birthday #happybirthday #zagitovahappybirthday

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Thanks to “TheEvgenken” on youtube:

Winter Olympics women’s figure skating: 15-year-old Alina Zagitova wins gold – as it happened Fellow Russian Evgenia Medvedeva takes silver Russia’s Alina Zagitova is up And she won’t be jumping for a while because she’s putting all the jumps she can into the second half of the program for the bonus. So just enjoy Don Quixote and a few spins. Zagitova is just 15. She’s the European champion and the Grand Prix Final champion. She won the World Junior Championship last year.

Alina Zagitova’s credo/motto in sports:

The black and white swan Alina Zagitova: “In sports you have to show hardness“, is translated from the original interview: Alexandra Ilina long program (Germany)



picture from long program on twitter;

My personal recommendation for all figure skating friends in Germany! 

Meine persönliche Empfehlung für alle Eiskunstlauffreunde im deutschrachigen Raum; eine wirklich klasse Seite rund um das Eiskunstlaufen, zeitgemäß präzise, anschaulich und mit viel Liebe zum Sport geschrieben; Viele tolle Bilder und Artikel:


and worldwide of course, https://goldenskate.com/



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💕❤💕 @azagitova #alinazagitova #figureskating

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Alina Zagitova on Wikiwand:


So long Bernhard from Germany; “Bobbo”. CIAO Good luck and best wishes for Alina Zagitova from Germany-FANS

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