#offline-days: on mondays & tuesdays #offline : announcement on wordpress:

Announcement: On Mondays and Tuesdays always offline days:

In case of urgent matters and affairs; contact “friends of “Bobbo”
& (Bernhard)” : On mondays,and tuesdays I’m on the road with my bike & tent, only accompanied by my faithful companion; “Knuffi-Darling” , without smartphone; enjoying nature and inner peace.

The sometimes illusory and strange Internet world continues to turn on without me: On Wednesdays after completed works, around 6 pm, I’m online again: Inshallah. So long;
have a nice time; see you later:
“Ein bewusster Umgang mit Social Media und dem Internet als solches: Das wollen die Initianten des zweiten Offline-Days der Schweiz mit ihrer Aktion fördern.
So long: CIAO UND GUTE NACHT FREUNDE …Reinhard Mey – Gute Nacht Freunde – Lyrics + Translation: (English)
So long Bernhard from Germany, “Bobbo”: CIAO.

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