Alexandra Trusova (Russia) World Junior Champion 2018 (born 2004): shooting star:

*source pictures: special thanks to ISU and goldenskate


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From Russia our friend: “1tvDance“: “Alexandra Trusova (Vivaldi – “Summer”) Free Skating World Junior Figure Skating Championships 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria. Quad salchow and quad toe loop in one performance.”

Alexandra Trusova FS 2018 (4S and 4T) – History Maker/figure skating love:

From USA our friend: “performlive“: “Alexandra Trusova, Russia, made history by landing two different quad jumps during the 2018 Junior Figure Skating World Championships.”

Quad Salchow and Quad Toe Loop JWC 2018 : short story on 1991- 2018 jumps: 4T and 4S

Jackje Wong on twitter: Infos about the shootingstar of the saison 2017/2018:

“Nina@morisnourd: Interviews: Alexandra Trusova


Alexandra Trusova on “wikiwand“: Alex.:  (English)     Alex. Trusova on wikipedia: (Deutsch)

Last successful training: 4 L_attempt: Alex. Quadruple Lutz (4L)_attempt:

Thanks to “Massimiliano Ambesi” on twitter_sports_platform:

So long Bernhard from Germany. CIAO



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