Why the #tripleaxel, #3A is such a big deal: Triple axels can turn female skaters into legends. Part I: #MiraiNagasu (USA):


From 1989 Midori Ito (Japan) to  Mirai Nagasu (USA) in 2018, only 12 female figure skaters have ever landed triple axels in ISU-competitions:

When ever ladies landing triple axels in figure skating, it is breathtaking; magic moments are created forever, but nowadays the time of Quads has begun by Alexandra Trusova (RUSSIA), 4S & 4T:

Next time the full list and history of triple axel from 1989-2018, including inofficiel real achievements of triple axels, for example 1984 Tiffany Chin (USA):

Thanks to “VOX” on youtube: 

Why the triple axel is such a big deal

Triple axels can turn skaters into legends. This is why.

Mirai Nagasu Lands History-Making Triple Axel At 2018 Winter Olympics | Access:

First Triple Axel: Midori ITO 1989; and 1991 Tonya Harding, Mirai Nagusu 2018:


and Mirai Nagasu defends Quads, is also working on quadruple jumps:

So long Bernhard from Germany. “Bobbo”. CIAO.

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