Brian Orser: The story of my life 1988, 1997 #brianorser; every word is true: and last #tripleaxel in 2000 (39-years old): Brian Orser new Coach of #EvgeniaMedvedeva

*picture from: The Battle of the Brians:

Magic moments in figure skating from Brian Orser:

Brian Orser 1988 Tour Of Champions The Story Of My Life “skatecat”

Brian Orser – Story of My Life: 1997 *

Brian Orser on facebook:



and this is world record; the last triple axel (3A) 2000, Brian Orser (39-years old), unbelievable:

Brian Orser 2000 Goodwill Games Technical Program “Dear Father”

Thanks to “3Axel 1996” on youtube:

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA – 1987 World Figure Skating Championships, Men’s Long Program – Brian Orser was finally able to skate clean and win the Long Program at a World Championships. By doing so, he would move up from 3rd to win his only World Title.


more info on Brian Orser: Wikiwand: Brian Orser

The battle of the Brians: CBSSport

Brian Orser as new coach of Evgenia Medvedeva in preparation:


So long Bernhard from Germany. “Bobbo”. CIAO



*free picture from:

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