Kings of the Quads: Nathan Chen (USA), six quads in FP; Hanyu , Max Aaron & Artur Dmitriev Jr. (Russia) on the road to Quadruple Axel

*picture from:

“Quartz”: The most controversial Olympic figure skating jump

Nathan CHEN 2018 Worlds FS (ALL JUMPS) Milan ( フィギュアスケート)

Thanks to: “Figure Skating Cat” on youtube:

Why It’s Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Jump |” WIRED”


*Picture from:

How Physics Keeps Figure Skaters Gracefully Aloft

Every twist, turn and jump relies on a mastery of complex physical forces

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How physcics keeps figure skater ..

So long Bernhard from Germany; “Bobbo”.

in preparation on the raod to 4A , quadruple Axel, links; videos and training impressions of real achievements: and perhaps first attempts of quintuple Salchow?

Artur Dmitriev Jr. (Russia) attempts a quad Axel:





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