The Resignation of Patrick Chan: On well done days the best synthesis of sports aspects & art on ice. Time to say goodbye:

picture from:

Chan proved he can deliver under pressure in Pyeongchang: 2018 Team-event_Gold_Qlympic Champion:

So much thanks to “Viv PC SkatingFAN” on youtube; WOW Je t’embrasse:

“This is my recreation of a near-perfect version of Patrick Chan’s “Hallelujah” long program using video from his other programs. Thanks for watching and please visit”

This video put emphasis on the theme (fact), if the divine Chan could ever perform art on ice without sportive mistakes (failures), especially his fear opponent the triple axel, …….

Patrick Chan “Hallelujah” LP Fantasy Mashup (Final)

The Patrick Chan Fan Page

Celebrating Art on Ice

Patrick Chan Looks Back At Legacy As He Ends His Figure Skating Career

Canadian legend finishes ninth in his last Olympic competition, but he’s not disappointed.

Patrick Chan wins silver at Sochi Olympics in men’s figure skating

Japanese sensation Yuzuru Hanyu, who trains in Toronto, won the gold.

2010 Olympics a test of Patrick Chan’s mettle

Olympic 2010 Snapshot – Patrick Chan

Patrick Chan 2010 Olympic Gala

So far, it was just speculation, now it is official: Skate Canada reports the resignation of Patrick Chan. “It was really an honor to have Patrick in our team and he will be missed by the entire skating community. His beautiful lyrical skating, coupled with his open-minded and positive personality, has made him a champion on and off the ice. Patrick has given Canadian skating a tremendous importance. Skate Canada would like to congratulate Patrick on a great career and we wish him good luck in his future endeavors, “said Debra Armstrong, CEO of Skate Canada. Chan himself said, “It was an honor and a privilege to skate for Canada. It has given me unforgettable experiences and taught me lessons that I will carry throughout my life. I have fulfilled my dreams and aspirations in figure skating and it is time to face new challenges and opportunities. I hope to have inspired many young skaters, that with hard work, perseverance and dedication anything is possible. “

Chan won silver at the 2014 Sochi Olympics and team Olympic champion in 2018. He was three times world champion, three times winner of the Four Continents and a ten-time Canadian champion. Twelve victories in Grand Prix competitions, three times he won the final.

Patrick Chan on Wikiwand:

So long Bernhard from Germany. “Bobbo”. CIAO

Patrick Chan: Team behind the scenes:

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