Javier Fernandez: World Champion 2015 and 2016; bronze medaillist olympics 2018


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Hey fans of figure skating, arts on the ice! Today one of the best performers.

Javier Fernandez from Spain:

Hallo, liebe Eiskunstlauf-Freunde;  Heute für Euch vorgestellt: Javier Fernandez aus Spanien:

Spot on: World Championships Boston 2016: one of the best performances in free program forever:

Thanks so much to our friend  “Javier Fernandez on Ice” on youtube:

Mundial 2016 Boston – JAVIER FERNANDEZ – LP


*source: http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/noticias-24-horas/javier-fernandez-revalida-su-titulo-boston-se-convierte-bicampeon-del-mundo/3550520/

21 Javier FERNANDEZ “Danny Boy”

Vídeo Resumen del espectáculo de Javier Fernández: “Revolution on ice”

So long Bernhard from Germany, CIAO.


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